February 16, 2012

A million times stronger. A zillion times better.

CETMA Racks are evolving in a few very special ways.
The universe shall benefit.

I've incorporated a few design improvements into new 3, 5, and 7-rail CETMA Racks. These changes dramatically improve their structure, assembly, strength, lifespan, and versatility. I am proud of these improvements.

Improvement #1:  Bolt-on stays.

All CETMA Racks' stays will bolt directly to the rack, ensuring a solid, immovable connection. They'll attach to a tab with various positioning options. This will make the rack not only stronger, but about as universal as you can get.

Improvement #2:  Better handlebar brackets, compatible with oversized bars.

All CETMA Racks will use a new style handlebar bracket available in two sizes for standard AND oversized handlebars.  As an added benefit, they're built as one piece, they're lighter weight, and have shorter reach than their predecessor.

Improvement #3:  Stainless, metric, hex-head hardware.

All CETMA Racks will be fitted with stainless, metric (6mm), hex-head hardware.  Predecessors came with Imperial hardware.  Note: the photos on this page show the old style Imperial hardware.  New photos coming soon.

As always, your input is welcome.   Chime in.

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  1. Well, at least my original style is lighter. ;-)