February 19, 2012

Minimal Cable Fiddlin'

Here's a photo I took yesterday while assembling the Margo floor model for Clever Cycles in Portland. This picture demonstrates how easy the frame separates without messing with the cables. 

The only cable that needs to be undone is the front brake cable, which disconnects at the lever. The rear brake cable and shifter cable remain intact since the handlebar stays with the rear during transit.

This is how a seven-foot cargo bike can fit into a small car and then reassemble in minutes. AND: clean hands, minimal tools, no fine tuning of anything.


  1. Was wondering if our Cetma could really fit in the trunk of our Golf. I'd need to figure out how to disconnect the front dynamo from the rear light.

  2. You'd need a coupler for the wires, no doubt. I believe a pair of bullet connectors would do the job. There'd be some soldering to do, but the effort could be worth it.

    You can surely find these bullet connectors at any local electronics store (Radio Shack, etc.). They're also available on this site: