January 7, 2012

Weird but true story: Four months ago my wife sustained a moderate back injury and made an appointment to see the doctor for an assessment. The day of her appointment, her beloved Surly Crosscheck was stolen. After examination, the doctor recommended my wife not cycle until her back was better. "No problem", my wife told the doc. "My bike was stolen today, ha!". Nevertheless, she filed a police report, etc... Sadly, the bike was nowhere to be found, and Cara began a regiment of back-strengthening exercises and recovery.

Yesterday, after four months of exercises and a rest from biking, her back finally showed dramatic improvement to the point where she could probably begin riding again. Today, Cara received a phone call from the police. You guessed it, the cops recovered her stolen Surly and were holding it for her.

This afternoon we visited the police station and retrieved her bike. The stolen Surly Cross Check is now rightfully back in Cara's possession, ready for a victory ride.

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