January 4, 2012


The above photo was taken by David Haines, aka BikeRanger.

Last year my wife and I went to the PDW warehouse.  PDW stands for Portland Design Works.  I shouldn't need to tell you PDW is located in Portland.  My friend Dan and his girl run the joint and were graciously hosting a party.

Dan had recently obtained a velodrome called Circulus from a guy who knows how to speak quietly in a library in Los Angeles.  This is what the track looked like before Dan picked it up in Los Angeles:

Dan flew to L.A. and loaded it into this truck.  I took this picture:

Here's the track in pieces.  I also took this picture:

This is Dan.  I took this picture, too.

After posing for these pictures and drinking two adult beverages with me, Dan returned to his warehouse in Portland and assembled the Circulus.  

Dan's a good fella.  Here's the PDW (Portland Design Works) website:  http://www.ridepdw.com/ 

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