January 3, 2012

Yucky kickstands.

Nope.  I don't like it.  This looks stupid to me.  A bad idea.  Wrong, impractical, unsafe, backward, and scary.

I rode a bike like this once.

A couple years ago, a bike shop in my town began dealing these and they had a whoop-dee-doo party in the parking lot with beer and food to attract attention and offer test rides.  I knew many of my friends would be there, so my wife and I attended to say hello and have fun. 

We had a chance to test-ride one of these bikes.  Cara climbed in the back while I held the bars and steadied the bike.  When she was seated, I realized I had an unusual problem on my hands--the kickstand was WAY behind me.  There was no easy way to retract it.  Look at the picture above and see where the kickstand is.  See what I mean?   At that exact moment I began hating this contraption.  We rode around the block and I made a quick retreat back to the party.  This bike was so top-heavy and tippy I feared I'd fall over.  Yuck.

That's all.  I'm going to bed.

Also, look how obviously posed and phony this picture is.  Nonsense.

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